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MUO.LV is the largest free MMORPG MuOnline game server with thoroughly worked-out positive gaming atmosphere. MUO.LV is considered as one of the pioneering MuOnline projects in Latvia. The project is developing rapidly, and soon new versions, new unique quests are to come out - everything for the best gaming atmosphere.

For more than four years, MUO.LV has been in a stable way working (24/365), growing and developing - that is why many gamers are staying here and believe in us.

Join us and enjoy the game, find new friends among a thousand of gamers from various countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Moldova, USA), participate in quests. Our GMs are constantly keeping order. They will provide you with advice and help. Become a respected gamer. The most respectable gamers are invited to become GMs.

Dragon and Spider Hunting.

November 23, 2020
Quest open Facebook page

November 19, 2020
Good day, my loyal players and fans of the MU project.
I want to ask you a favor.
If you have no objections and have time, share the project with your friends and acquaintances on your Facebook page.
I will be very happy and grateful, I promise interesting gifts and rewards for your activity.
Thanks a lot in advance.
See you in the game.

Gold Fenrit

November 17, 2020
The quest has been updated.
If anyone has any questions, please contact me

November 01, 2020
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If you have any problems with a client, write to me in a personal message.

Кошелек или жизнь! Это была просто шутка! Вы действительно в это поверили? Сказка, что говорит призрак? Веселого Хэллоуина..

October 31, 2020

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